December 21, 2016

12 days of blogging 9

Help - make it easier or possible for (someone) to do something by offering them one's services or resources.

   There's no definition for helping oneself though, no user manual, but it's still one of the things that I'm trying to learn along with my son and some of my friends. 
  As far as I see, I'm getting good at it cause

I believe very strongly in the power and ability to help ourselves. 

But we don't always do it, cause it's so damn hard. 
It's actually easier, from my perspective, to help others.
   But we don't always do that either. 

I believe that, being able to help ourselves gives us freedom.
Because, what is better than not depending on others for anything?
But only some of us seem to chase this freedom. 

Could it be that the fake Freud quote is actually true?
 That freedom = responsibility and people flee responsibility?
   The R word is indeed a word used by grownups in their world and, many of us are still struggling in it.
P.S.: Would it work if I just decided to help myself become a millionaire? Probably it'll take more than just deciding, right? Aaaaand that's the difference right there, between me and the 19 year old who's the CEO of the coolest brooms startup something...Already asking too many questions.

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