February 11, 2018

Who am I to think I could write...a book?

Really now...what got into me? 
   Have I become that positive? 
   Do I believe I'm any good?
No! I doubt myself, just like any other normal person.
   Do I ever call myself a writer?
No! Though I have a blog and now, at 3 am I spend my time ..well...writing.
  But behind the self doubt, there's a story - my story. 
And it has a voice of its own telling me to do everything to get it out.  
  What's it about? 
It's about waking up.

  And because someone smarter than me said: 

I will give it a try to this thing called WRITING and only when I'll be under a pile of rejections will I call myself a
Follow your passions, do whatever makes your heart beat faster and keeps your body vibrating.

June 5, 2017

TODAY I... cherish every inch of my body

I never saw this coming, but it happened. How?

Exactly four weeks ago I started dieting, the 90 day diet. (I can hear cheers in the back, thank you all for your support).

       It's not easy: 

Day 1 - PROTEIN (meat and salad) 

Foodnetwork image

 Day 2 - STARCH (potatoes - not fries or rice and salad)

Foodnetwork image

 Day 3 - CARBS (diet pizza - kill me or pasta with ketchup and salad) 

Yeah...I wish this were it...


exactly two of these...not more

 On CARBS day I'm allowed sweets; I did not know that during the first 2 weeks, but it was bearable. 
      However, since I learned that I could, every 3 days, in the evening, I light a candle, I put on some nice music, I dress up nicely and I clamp my teeth into those two beauties, and by that I mean two gorgeous chocolate donuts.
google image

   DAY 4: VITAMINS (fruit and vegetables and salad)
google image

     I lost 5 kg - 3 more to go til I reach the weight that will allow me to eat normally again,i.e. chocolate cake at any time, burgers, chocolate cake again, fries, pasta (real pasta with fat stuff in it), chocolate cake...

   Two weeks ago I thought I'd make my diet even more challenging by adding some exercising. So I bought a jumping rope....which brings me to the reason why I now cherish every inch of my body (read legs, especially).
   I became quite an addict by jumping every evening for about 30 to 45 minutes (normal people should jump around 15-20 min/day) and, as you can imagine, for such an anti-sports person that I am, it's quite a lot. 
      So much that I got a horrible sprain and for the last few days, I'm like

I wanted to become Sporty Spice and I failed...terribly. 
      I took walking for granted everyday...not anymore.  
  I have no balance, my jumping activities (stop it with the dirty mind) are over, I cannot take more than a few steps without feeling a horrible pain, and the list can go on.

Til next time, take care of yourselves and the body you own! see you in 3 kilos

December 24, 2016

12 days of blogging Christmas...day 12

That's it..we're just one day away from Christmas.

Unlike the previous years, when I had my whole family with me, tradition changed a bit this year: I'll spend Christmas Eve with one of my best friends. 

 My man's abroad.

My son's with the dark side - his father, that is.

My parents didn't want to come over.

  So that leaves
so to speak.

All I can think of is that...it's just different

When I was young, I always dreamed of having a party at my house with friends and family.

Now, however, I understand that, for Christmas, we can have one or the other. At least, in my case.

Merry Christmas to all of you, wherever and with whoever you may be!


December 23, 2016

12 days of blogging Christmas...day 11

Day 11
    Today should've been a day when I'd be lying on my living room couch, covered with a warm blanket, watching a bad...ish Christmas movie and sipping from an obscenely large cup of coffee.

  This is what people (lazy like me) should be doing once they're done with their Christmas shopping. 
But did I get to do that??? 
  Of course not.

     Instead, I sat on my office chair and tried to make it look like I was actually working. 
      It was so damn hard cause there was a general lack of mood. Everyone found reasons to get up : 
    go see people for a fake issue or something that could've been solved over Skype
chat a bit
 drink some water 
realize coffee is needed, so run to the coffee machine
chat again
and so on...

Oh then lunch break...
Coffee break...
Toilet break...
At some point, I had this crazy idea...

    But...I thought this through and realized I'd just end up paying for shit and work on another computer for the rest of the day.
      To make the day go faster, I ate enough chocolate to know that I'd be dead if I were a diabetic and drank enough coffee to stay up for at least 2 days straight.
  Buuuut, since I've been on a sex diet (and by that I mean - I had NONE OF THAT and not by choice) for the last month, I can honestly say that : 
   9 hours, 1000 g of chocolate, 1500 ml of coffee later, it was finally time to go home and watch that damn Christmas movie. 
    Instead, Gladiator was on, so....

PS: Hey, Christmas, are we there yet? 

December 22, 2016

12 days of blogging Christmas...day 10

      Tonight I introduced my son to Charles Dickens's, "A Christmas Carol". We saw the 2009 movie.
He liked it, but hey...What can I say?  It wasn't Pokemon.

I actually carry on with the tradition of watching Christmas movies during this time of year. Few days ago we saw Home alone 3, for the 47th time. 
    The most important thing is that, at the end, he understood the idea: he understood that one has to give something back, that one can change lives if they care enough.
    I was, however, impressed once more by Dickens's idea, over 170 years ago. I read it first while I was in high school and loved it...over 170 years ago :-P Then saw a million movies based on it.
    How wonderful to write a story of kindness and humanity by turning to the three regions of time: past, present and future.
  The novella talks about change - the main character, "a squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous, old sinner" changes into someone capable of love, joy, generosity, and compassion.
    I'm someone who does not believe in people, who lacks trust, who always sees the bad first, but I am capable of appreciating genuine good things when given to me by the right people.
 Otherwise, I wonder if I need to see my own ghosts...