October 28, 2018

W(here)TF is my writing???

           Two earthquakes happened last night: 

first - 5.6, shook me off my desk chair, made my heart beat lot faster and made me realize I know nothing about emergency situations

second - lot worse, devastating, caused by one of modern writer's tools:

within seconds, it made seventeen pages go to Nowritersland - seventeen pages I was quite proud of, to be honest.
   Isn't this a writer's worst nightmare
(just realized I might have called myself a writer 😁) 

how am I supposed to go on with my life? 
17 pages!!!!

what's the standard mourning period?
           help me out here, people 😞

    I guess that's what happens when you only save your work on a usb drive.

needless to say I spent hours on the internet, searching for a solution, a magical potion, a hacker, harry potter, something or someone to come make the big bad WORD give me back my work, but all that monster was saying was: 

this morning I woke up wondering: what would Stephen King do? 

I bet Dickens never had to worry about this.

  me? I cried and I was angry and wanted to just throw my laptop out the window, but then Salinger came to mind.
 according to Rebel in the rye he used to write like crazy then rip his pages at the end - all that to get his mojo back; not his work, his MOJO

  sooo...what to do, what to do ... all I can do is start writing again, write more, write better and most importantly - save my work in more places that I can count.

   aaaaaaannnddd ...in a different dimension, I got older in another country and discovered once more my love for travel, but with that, questions like: 

  why can't my life be like this all the time? 

        what do I hope to achieve while I'm here? 

                   why do I love the beach so much?
 why do I have to live so far from it? 

    why wasn't I wiser when I was younger? 

why did I stop writing on my blog? 

       why did I let life come in the way? 


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