June 5, 2017

TODAY I... cherish every inch of my body

I never saw this coming, but it happened. How?

Exactly four weeks ago I started dieting, the 90 day diet. (I can hear cheers in the back, thank you all for your support).

       It's not easy: 

Day 1 - PROTEIN (meat and salad) 

Foodnetwork image

 Day 2 - STARCH (potatoes - not fries or rice and salad)

Foodnetwork image

 Day 3 - CARBS (diet pizza - kill me or pasta with ketchup and salad) 

Yeah...I wish this were it...


exactly two of these...not more

 On CARBS day I'm allowed sweets; I did not know that during the first 2 weeks, but it was bearable. 
      However, since I learned that I could, every 3 days, in the evening, I light a candle, I put on some nice music, I dress up nicely and I clamp my teeth into those two beauties, and by that I mean two gorgeous chocolate donuts.
google image

   DAY 4: VITAMINS (fruit and vegetables and salad)
google image

     I lost 5 kg - 3 more to go til I reach the weight that will allow me to eat normally again,i.e. chocolate cake at any time, burgers, chocolate cake again, fries, pasta (real pasta with fat stuff in it), chocolate cake...

   Two weeks ago I thought I'd make my diet even more challenging by adding some exercising. So I bought a jumping rope....which brings me to the reason why I now cherish every inch of my body (read legs, especially).
   I became quite an addict by jumping every evening for about 30 to 45 minutes (normal people should jump around 15-20 min/day) and, as you can imagine, for such an anti-sports person that I am, it's quite a lot. 
      So much that I got a horrible sprain and for the last few days, I'm like

I wanted to become Sporty Spice and I failed...terribly. 
      I took walking for granted everyday...not anymore.  
  I have no balance, my jumping activities (stop it with the dirty mind) are over, I cannot take more than a few steps without feeling a horrible pain, and the list can go on.

Til next time, take care of yourselves and the body you own! see you in 3 kilos

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