February 11, 2018

Who am I to think I could write...a book?

Really now...what got into me? 
   Have I become that positive? 
   Do I believe I'm any good?
No! I doubt myself, just like any other normal person.
   Do I ever call myself a writer?
No! Though I have a blog and now, at 3 am I spend my time ..well...writing.
  But behind the self doubt, there's a story - my story. 
And it has a voice of its own telling me to do everything to get it out.  
  What's it about? 
It's about waking up.

  And because someone smarter than me said: 

I will give it a try to this thing called WRITING and only when I'll be under a pile of rejections will I call myself a
Follow your passions, do whatever makes your heart beat faster and keeps your body vibrating.

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