October 22, 2013

Happy late 20's birthday

   happy birthday to meee...happy birthday to meee....Yes, it's here, it's depressing, it's still not over yet, it's my birthday: 32 this year...Oh, no! Sorry! 23:) as I like to say (Miranda said it before me), I'm still in my late 20's.

  Most women make a list with things to do by the age of 30! 
It's like 30 is the Apocalipse

- have baby - done (I had mine when I was 27)
- have a dream job ...well..my dream job would involve writing, so I'm not there yet
- sleep with two guys at once..what? who said that???
- kiss a girl - done;) oups
etc etc

                    Well... I never had such list and when I turned 30, I just had a big party

 it was the NO KIDS, NO MEN party. Just girls! Some single and desperate, others married and desperate and... ME. And yes, we kinda looked like the Desperate Housewives that evening.10 chicks who covered half of the restaurant we were in.
      Today, I look at myself and try to analyze the changes I've been through in so little time. I'm still bad at this cause it seems the analytical feature is the exact opposite of what I represent as an individual (proved by a personality test I took at work).

What I CAN say is that being a single mom is usually not on the list. But talking from the positive perspective I never had (cause I'm a NO person when it comes to...well...just about anything; no thank you, I will not take any medicine for that unless sex counts as one), I'd say: I've never been or felt more lost! It's not necessarily a bad thing, it just takes a bit more time to see the positive. 
  But going back to my day...I am 32 going on 20. The only question that goes through my mind is : should I be more sober at this age? Should I look more serious? 

 I see others that are the same age and don't necessarily have lots of responsibilities at work, nor too many problems in their personal lives, but still ...they look and act as if they had a stick up their behinds.
 Cause I still like to wear jeans and Converse sneakers for work (did it even as a high level manager), I still wear my hair the two horn style ..
something like this , I have a relationship with a 23 year old and I'll most probably be the one to make jokes during a serious anatomy class about the male reproductive organ, if ever that were the case...

Said it before, but going back to my day...well...I got lots of flowers among other things. You'd think that after 8 years in the same work place, people would know that about me: I don't especially like flowers. I don't like receiving them, don't like to offer them, I actually find them pointless as gift (Alex, no offense, I liked yours cause half of them were artificial, so that doesn't count for real flowers)

I also got this:

I'm gonna use the basket for fruit later...that's what's good about it 

and a really sweet sweet girl from work thought I would actually succeed in not killing plants and offered me a live one:
Well...let's all pray for the plant

Plans for my big 23 ...sorry ... I keep confusing numbers
A) Tonight it's gonna be : the KID, chocolate cake (lots and lots..I'll have a bite for you too, B.) , champagne and movie..not necessarily in that order 

B) Getting drunk on Saturday with friends, my place, cause getting drunk in public is never good for your reputation