October 26, 2015

3 guys / 1 evening

Don't question anything, just listen...

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  “You don’t love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear.”

- Oscar Wilde

If you be the cash,
I'll be the rubber band
You be the match,
I will be a fuse, boom
Painter baby, you could be the muse
I'm the reporter baby, you could be the news
'Cause you're the cigarette and I'm the smoker
We raise a bet, cause you're the joker
Checked off, you are a chalk
And I can be the blackboard
You could be the talk
And I could be the walk

- Miguel 

I can resist anything except
- Oscar Wilde

 “I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions.I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.

  - Oscar Wilde

 “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”- Oscar Wilde

 Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.”- Oscar Wilde

“You will always be fond of me. I represent to you all the sins you   never had the courage to commit."Oscar Wilde

I got a hold of you
Said you want to see
How we roll
We'll take a seat (take a seat)
And we'll just
Break it, drop it, drink it spill it
You gotta, taste it, feel it, rub it on me baby
Baby, touch your body, body

                           - The WEEKND

“The heart was made to be broken.”- Oscar Wilde 


October 25, 2015

(a) Reason?

PART 1 - Picture this

"If history repeats itself, and the unexpected always happens, how incapable must Man be of learning from experience" _G.B. Shaw

  Certain people enter our lives for a reason, with a purpose: to change us for ever.

They don't have to stay long, just enough to make us unrecognizable to ourselves.
Or lead us to something great.

And if we were to listen to my all time favorite, Oscar Wilde..
 there are only two tragedies in life: 

one is not getting what one wants, 

and the other is getting it.

Well, isn't life just great? 

We go from one paradox to another. 

 Still, knowing all this, why are we still afraid of taking risks?

      Why are we still afraid of saying what we think? 

             Of screaming our feelings out loud? 

and then...starting everything all over again?

PART 2 - Picture that

I must be the most horrible person in the world ...at least right now.
My relationship may be over (for the 100th time) cause I didn't want to change my profile picture with one that included HIM. Which profile pic? ANY.
Is this the next level for our relationshits? Or am I already behind???

I'm sorry, but I won't do it.  If my man needs social media to make sure his relationship is safe, all I can say is: 
And I'm not even a fan

 Is this the rule nowadays? 
The reason why I won't do it? Do I even have to justify this???
       Certain things have to stay mine. When in a relationship, I still need to be me, on my own.
 I say good for those people who put their entire family in their profile pic. Or their child. Or their boyfriend/girlfriend/parents etc. But I ain't one of those. And I don't ask for it either.

My profile pic represents .

Maybe if I were still in my 20's, I'd understand this sort of needs. But recently I turned...Oh God! It hurts to even say it, but I will: 34!

Or maybe I only got those 4 moods:

October 20, 2015

Food/ Lust/ Love...in that order

    Outside it's raining like crazy and I just saw a romantic movie - yes, I admit it, I like watching any romantic shit I can get my hands on.
     The movie was bad ...cause the guy didn't get the girl at the end. What? I'm entitled to my own opinion.
    Anyways, blame it on the rain, or the love pouring out of my TV, but I felt like reading some love/lust quotes. 

    Aaaand cause I've been trying to be on a diet lately, I thought some food quotes were in place.

Aaaaaaaaand cause I'm nice, I'm sharing this with you.

"The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook." -Julia Child

It's so hard to forget pain, but it's even 

harder to remember sweetness. We 

have no scar to show for happiness. 

We learn so little from peace.” 

"A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand." -Barbara Johnson
Google image

“Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn't it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up.” 

And this could go on all night...but it's late, so good night everyone !

October 18, 2015

Talk dirty to me

sex and the city love quote

       If you were a
 fan, you know that this quote is incomplete. 
 Just as I am, if we were to believe to the soulmate theory.
    It's missing the part that says : I'M SOMEONE LOOKING FOR...

Well...that's the difference between me and Carrie (that and the fact that she's a blonde, I weigh twice as much, I'm not a New York famous writer, I haven't had so many sex partners...ok, ok..I'll stop here...) 
    I'm not looking for it. But in case IT ever came looking for me, this is what it should be like: ridiculous, consuming, REAL.

I thought I found it...3 times. 
     The last one - I thought it would last...lucky number 3! 
 That's the problem : when it looks too good to be true (at least for few months), it probably is.

   No matter how independent we think we are or we wish we were, seems that the only thing we're depending on is the feeling, the emotion, the excitement we live when having someone in our life who rocks our world
        Even for a few days, or few hours...
     Otherwise, how do you explain Tinder? or Ashley Madison? Or marriage? Or distance relationships?
 But the worst or unfair part about all this is that, in our selfishness, or nature - call it as you wish - we want to live this endlessly. 
       After all this time, millions of years of evolution (yeah, right), how is it even possible that humans still believe that they could actually catch this thief called LOVE? or PASSION? 

   Women put hot wax on their legs, men have hair implants hoping that the next time they go out they find magic
And they do, and it lasts, and it's wonderful.
...until she goes from size 8 to size 18.
Or until he cheats.
Or until she realizes his jokes are not that funny.
Or until he wants to do a Victoria's Secret model.
Or until she loses confidence in herself.
Or until he disrespects her.
Or until they have kids. 
Google image

Sorry, I had to say it :-)

    What is that? You say I'm cynical?
Maybe..maybe I've become even more cynical than I was before the KID
     And that poor guy who's ever gonna try to approach me should be at least as cynical to stand a chance...

October 9, 2015

The Perfect Man

 I had a talk with Kidzilla tonight - OMG, I'm turning in one of those parents, the type who won't shut up about their kids. 
   Hopefully this will change once I'm getting somethin' somethin'...

    Anyways...the talk was quite interesting cause....drums...

My son wants me to have a husband!

It was one of the cutest and most awkward conversations I ever had with him. And he's not even 7!

This is how it went:

Kidzilla : I wish you had a husband and you would never break up.


Kidzilla : And one day you would do what he wants and the next what you want, so you would never fight. 


Kidzilla : Yes, a husband. He wouldn't be my new dad, cause I already have one. 


  Me: Baby, mama would rather spend all this time with you. I wanna give everything to you right now.

Between you and me, the only thing I need is some action from the waist down, not a husband. And my state of mind is like :

I actually thought that kids should be reluctant to any new man that would land into the mother's life, but mine seems to have wedding plans for me.
   I wonder if this is his way of building a family again. Even though we discussed this as well.
He has very clear and correct ideas about what family means, but still, he wants me in a relationship.
     Is it cause his father got married? 
            Is it cause he wants me not to be alone/single?
                   Is it cause he would have a family picture again? 
I have no idea. But sometimes, I wish I could have a glimpse of what it's really going on in his mind...

October 8, 2015

On the "joys" of being a parent

           I'm just gonna pretend like nothing happened, like it hasn't been over a month since I last posted and just tell you this: parenting is hard. Hell yeah!

 Lately I've been watching a lot of +IISuperwomanII (+LillySingh) on Youtube. I discovered this wonderful chick thanks to another blogger's post. 
  Thank you nice blogger whose name I forgot and post I can't remember. 
   You know, in my defense, once you hit a certain age...you forget things...
What was I talking about again?

      Yes...the Superwoman's videos are about everyday life in an Indian family from Canada.
Instead of identifying myself to the kid, I'm identifying to the parents, of course.
OMG, I'm old!!!
I'm gonna be 24 for the 5th time in less than a month. 
Real Math test, ha? 34! Bloody 34 years old!!!!

    Can you feel my stress poring from your laptop? 

  Sooooo...I was saying...that parenthood is not a walk in the park. At least not for me...being a sort of a single part time parent.

Listen to this:
  •  I always ask KIDZILLA to clean his room
It takes him a few hours to put some Lego's away, but he does it.

Me, on the other hand...that's another story. It takes me a few weekends before I actually finish cleaning up everything in the house.

  • he has to eat vegetables and everything that is ...bleah..or try on new healthy stuff that I try cooking for him.
but I ain't touching that stuff..

      However...this is just small thing compared to what I had to deal with yesterday.

How many of you have been called to the principle's office cause your kid acted like the Antichrist? 
 Yesterday was my first time. There's a first for everything, right? 

I'd rather count sexual experiences and would start like this: yesterday it was my first time buying some rope...

  but instead, yesterday was the day when I also found out that my son cursed at school.

    This little monster...he can't even write properly, not even 7, he doesn't have an ID card, can't do dishes, can't cook, can't turn on the oven...
      well...after all these CAN'T DO'S, what he CAN DO is curse and make use of bad words that imply his dick.

  There he is..Generation Z representative!

I was actually waiting for the principle to arrive when I asked him what exactly he said and did for the teacher to require my presence.
  When he told me, I felt as I had been struck by lightning.

My sweet little KIDZILLA...to use that little mouth he says I LOVE YOU with to say those words. 
       To be honest, in a very twisted way, I know, it was also funny. I felt exactly like this parent right here:

     We came home, we talked...well, I talked, made him cry a bit, made him write 100 times I WILL NEVER USE BAD WORDS AGAIN. Something like this..

     Obviously, after all that, he's grounded until he's 18: no chocolate, no going out, no iPad, no TV, no nothing. 

       I'm sorry, I may sound too harsh, but damn, I don't want my kid to be a juvenile delinquent...cause this is how it starts..
    and Darth - his father, that is - is sort of helping KIDZILLA's Antichrist behavior. But this is another story...

   As someone very wise said:
        Small children, small problems. Big children, big problems.

Oh, before I go, I'm sharing one of my favorite Superwoman videos with you...cause I'm nice ;-)