October 9, 2015

The Perfect Man

 I had a talk with Kidzilla tonight - OMG, I'm turning in one of those parents, the type who won't shut up about their kids. 
   Hopefully this will change once I'm getting somethin' somethin'...

    Anyways...the talk was quite interesting cause....drums...

My son wants me to have a husband!

It was one of the cutest and most awkward conversations I ever had with him. And he's not even 7!

This is how it went:

Kidzilla : I wish you had a husband and you would never break up.


Kidzilla : And one day you would do what he wants and the next what you want, so you would never fight. 


Kidzilla : Yes, a husband. He wouldn't be my new dad, cause I already have one. 


  Me: Baby, mama would rather spend all this time with you. I wanna give everything to you right now.

Between you and me, the only thing I need is some action from the waist down, not a husband. And my state of mind is like :

I actually thought that kids should be reluctant to any new man that would land into the mother's life, but mine seems to have wedding plans for me.
   I wonder if this is his way of building a family again. Even though we discussed this as well.
He has very clear and correct ideas about what family means, but still, he wants me in a relationship.
     Is it cause his father got married? 
            Is it cause he wants me not to be alone/single?
                   Is it cause he would have a family picture again? 
I have no idea. But sometimes, I wish I could have a glimpse of what it's really going on in his mind...

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