October 25, 2015

(a) Reason?

PART 1 - Picture this

"If history repeats itself, and the unexpected always happens, how incapable must Man be of learning from experience" _G.B. Shaw

  Certain people enter our lives for a reason, with a purpose: to change us for ever.

They don't have to stay long, just enough to make us unrecognizable to ourselves.
Or lead us to something great.

And if we were to listen to my all time favorite, Oscar Wilde..
 there are only two tragedies in life: 

one is not getting what one wants, 

and the other is getting it.

Well, isn't life just great? 

We go from one paradox to another. 

 Still, knowing all this, why are we still afraid of taking risks?

      Why are we still afraid of saying what we think? 

             Of screaming our feelings out loud? 

and then...starting everything all over again?

PART 2 - Picture that

I must be the most horrible person in the world ...at least right now.
My relationship may be over (for the 100th time) cause I didn't want to change my profile picture with one that included HIM. Which profile pic? ANY.
Is this the next level for our relationshits? Or am I already behind???

I'm sorry, but I won't do it.  If my man needs social media to make sure his relationship is safe, all I can say is: 
And I'm not even a fan

 Is this the rule nowadays? 
The reason why I won't do it? Do I even have to justify this???
       Certain things have to stay mine. When in a relationship, I still need to be me, on my own.
 I say good for those people who put their entire family in their profile pic. Or their child. Or their boyfriend/girlfriend/parents etc. But I ain't one of those. And I don't ask for it either.

My profile pic represents .

Maybe if I were still in my 20's, I'd understand this sort of needs. But recently I turned...Oh God! It hurts to even say it, but I will: 34!

Or maybe I only got those 4 moods:


  1. Cheer up Lexy.....
    I am to old for people to piss off a Palmer.
    Don't worry about your profile pic,
    mine is a plate and on facebook, a pig with a whip and handcuffs.
    The man you are looking for will turn up.....sooner or later....don't worry it will happen...
    I have High Hopes for you Lexy xx
    Found a new song which will appear in my blog a few times.....
    Keep blogging too.
    Gemma x

    1. Heeey where have you been all this time? thought you've forgotten me :-P
      a pig you say...interesting :-)))
      about that man...funny thing is...I'm not looking, remember? ;-)
      Love the music, listening to the playlist as we speak ;-)

  2. Hi Lexy! Your Andy Warhol quote intrigued me so I had to stop by! Hope you don't mind! Girl, you are in the prime of your life! Say it! I'm proud of 34! NO LITTLE NUMBERS! Your man shows up when he's supposed to and not one minute before. Work on being proud of that 34! Remember YOU got yourself there! No man did that! And when that pride radiates BAM! There he'll be!

    1. hey Sheila, I am happy that you decided to stop by and if I found a way to make you do that, I am really really glad! Now...my name is Lexy and I am 34! please shoot me :-)))) ok, ok I got it! I shall wear my numbers proudly :-)