January 19, 2014


      I hate Friday mornings...cause I wake up and I know that I got one more day of work until I can relax and breathe for about 2 days. Oh wait...actually no. Cause Saturdays and Sundays are same as any other day since my son wakes up early just to annoy me:) So I guess for me, weekend always starts bad. And it's like that until 6 pm when I finish work.
This Friday, however was much worse than other days.

First, I had a hard time waking up, nothing new here. I hate waking up in the morning. I think whoever invented the alarm clock must be daubed with honey and fed to the bears. I need this kind of alarm:
I like sleep. I enjoy sleeping as much as sex. Correction: I may like sleeping more now that I'm aging. And cause I haven't had a good night sleep in...5 years. Yes, you've all guessed it: since I had Kidzilla. Or maybe more, since I started having trouble sleeping while I was pregnant and weighed a tone.

Second : I'm late for work cause I can't get out of bed, obviously. Everyone looks bored, then around 11 (a.m., of course) everybody starts yawning, including me. And it's not cause my work is boring...not at all, but because it was Friday 17. 

Around 11h30 the front desk girl, a chick they all call Ms. Tanning (cause she looks as if she spent all her free time in that kind of salons) calls me to give me my baby's bag; his father, the Lord of Darkness aka Bob left it there for me. Yes, it's the COLD WAR again between us :) Among Kidzilla's things, I find some interesting toys that Santa brought him: the T-Rex and the 2 headed dragon. 

Once I get in the office with the toys, everyone is going crazy. So, I start having a little fun. So what if I'm 32? Correction: I'm in my late 20's, damn it. 

I'm warning you, this is a love story...forbidden to minors, though. 

Oh baby, oh baby, your heads turn me on...do you think anyone sees us?
I always dreamed of doing a dragon, but now it's a threesome, baby
Hey, look, the bee decided to join in
Hell, I forgot I was scared of heights
PS: I can assure you that I am a mature, responsible, working mother...when it's not Friday 17.

January 16, 2014

A post about nothing

     Sad for some, but here I am, spending my evening with my rabbit (Kidzilla's with Bob), writing, surfing the internet and having writer's block for the first time in my short writer life. 

Youtube Playlist : Destiny's Child (yap, the BEFORE Beyonce)
Rabbit : free in the kitchen
Condition of the kitchen : clean 
 I can't believe I just called myself a writer, but hey...I'm in front of a PC, I am using the keyboard to write stuff and, unbelievably people read the words that I put together. Even crazier is the fact that some of them like it. 
  I started the book, but got lost somewhere on the way. I have the story clear in my head, thought about killing Bob several times already..in the book of course, I know how the book ends, and it's a great end too. Who knows? Maybe they'll make a movie out of it (if I ever finish it)  and Brad Pitt would play the KID. Oh wait, he's old and maybe dead by the time I finish the book. Damn!  

 Youtube Playlist : Beyonce - didn't quite realize til now she's almost naked in most of her videos
Rabbit : in the pink cage
Condition of the kitchen: don't ask...who the f... made me bring a rabbit home? 
I am however positive that the book  (I repeat: if I ever finish it) would be good, to say the least. And I'm being modest. I mean, look at Justin Timberlake (oh come on, you love him) : Britney broke his little Mickey Mouse Club heart and then he came out with "Cry me a river...cry me a river...". Huge success!
 Then Adele : a guy brakes her heart, then she comes out with Rolling in the deep. Again, huge success! So why wouldn't this work for me too? Ok, can't think of any heartbroken famous writer now, but I'm sure there are lots.
  I read a lot of articles on writing that said : write what you know, don't think about it too much, cause the more you do it, the more insecure you become about your writing. 

Youtube Playlist : Maroon 5...I've got the moves like Jagger, I've got the moves like Jagger,etc etc.     It's my son's favorite song actually ;)
Rabbit : still pink cage + I turned off the lights in the kitchen so he/she knows it's time to sleep
Condition of the kitchen: same as earlier

   Well, I thought to start the year giving you a glimpse of ...me. Yeah, I just hate talking about myself to complete strangers :D ...and my evening that I actually enjoy. Finally, time for myself. I'm sure most mothers will understand what I'm talking about. Yes, as we all did, I felt guilty when I first thought about a moment for myself. Now I highly appreciate this cause otherwise I'd be wandering the streets like this: 

And now back to what I promised you..
The KID - the person who brought me back to life, the one I'm planning a life with in the new house I'm about to buy in a few months
KID at work

The rabbit - furry cute thing that joined my family about 2 weeks ago

just chillin' in my kitchen

yeah..this is how I roll

The dog :  woman's best friend, stinks now cause I was too lazy to give him a bath lately, but I still let him hop on my bed in the morning
My first baby

Youtube Playlist  : Janet Jackson, Toni Braxton : you're making me high - used to be one of favorite videos in the old ages, Rihanna
Rabbit : either dead or sleeping

 The one who can never keep a diet (me, that is) and the miracle in her life  - tonight I learned that Kidzilla told a certain someone that "Mom loves me the most". I was happy that my son said that and I'll be even happier when he feels it. Cause no matter what, this little man who'll turn 5 in about 2 weeks time is my strength and my love forever.
My human baby biting my face

Youtube Playlist : none. Turned to TV - Coldplay
Rabbit : either he/she turned into a beast or he/she wants to get out
    Kitchen: same

January 11, 2014

2014 and no Apocalypse

Here I am in

New Year's resolutions:
- buy a house

- ...things I might do
-....things I surely won't do
- buy a car & get my driving license, exactly in that order

Let's see..what else is new? 
Started the year fighting with the KID, actually we started the fight in 2013 and ended it in 2014. Let's hope it won't be like that the whole year! But as I said before, unconsciously we need these episodes. Our tempers cause this..our age difference cause this...our needs cause this...our relationshit experience (yes, this is my new term : relationshit:)) We'll go on like this until we'll exhaust all the reasons to fight. This must end at some point ...I can see ourselves in my 60's:
"oh my love, finally..it's been a week since our last fight...can you believe this?" :)))

I got my son a rabbit -  probably one of the biggest mistakes I ever made. It's a little black furry thing that shits all over the place the minute I let him out of his cage. It's too cold to keep him outside, so I got him a little half pink cage and I let him go around the house few times a day. Don't know if it's a boy or a girl, but in case it's a boy, I think he's doing all the mess to get back at me for the pink cage.

3rd :
I start the year being bitchy to the BITCH. Why? 
I know, I wasn't very nice, but it just had to come out. All I did was congratulate her for the upcoming marriage to Bob saying: "Hope your 2nd marriage will last more than your 1st." With an audience. Bob started a war against me cause she was too stupid to "defend" herself from my sarcasm, the KID questioned my maturity and, basically what he said was that I shouldn't pick on the ..."less fortunate" (read those with a very limited number of neurons).

And going to serious stuff ...
I've been quite preoccupied by the human mind. I'm quite interested in knowing how exactly are we capable of going from love to hate, from happy to sad, from smile to tears, all in a matter of seconds. 
I read an article online on why love can turn to hate. If I believe everything it says, I may have discovered something not very flattering about myself: could be that I am a narcissist.  Quod erat demonstrandum.

I was recently told that my last relationshit seems to have destroyed my emotional life for good. Well, it would appear so at a first glance, but I see it as a character improvement. 
    And I have the KID to save me from...myself. Seems unbelievable, but this 23 year old guy full of...himself and neurons made it to the new year with me. 
 well done, my love