January 11, 2014

2014 and no Apocalypse

Here I am in

New Year's resolutions:
- buy a house

- ...things I might do
-....things I surely won't do
- buy a car & get my driving license, exactly in that order

Let's see..what else is new? 
Started the year fighting with the KID, actually we started the fight in 2013 and ended it in 2014. Let's hope it won't be like that the whole year! But as I said before, unconsciously we need these episodes. Our tempers cause this..our age difference cause this...our needs cause this...our relationshit experience (yes, this is my new term : relationshit:)) We'll go on like this until we'll exhaust all the reasons to fight. This must end at some point ...I can see ourselves in my 60's:
"oh my love, finally..it's been a week since our last fight...can you believe this?" :)))

I got my son a rabbit -  probably one of the biggest mistakes I ever made. It's a little black furry thing that shits all over the place the minute I let him out of his cage. It's too cold to keep him outside, so I got him a little half pink cage and I let him go around the house few times a day. Don't know if it's a boy or a girl, but in case it's a boy, I think he's doing all the mess to get back at me for the pink cage.

3rd :
I start the year being bitchy to the BITCH. Why? 
I know, I wasn't very nice, but it just had to come out. All I did was congratulate her for the upcoming marriage to Bob saying: "Hope your 2nd marriage will last more than your 1st." With an audience. Bob started a war against me cause she was too stupid to "defend" herself from my sarcasm, the KID questioned my maturity and, basically what he said was that I shouldn't pick on the ..."less fortunate" (read those with a very limited number of neurons).

And going to serious stuff ...
I've been quite preoccupied by the human mind. I'm quite interested in knowing how exactly are we capable of going from love to hate, from happy to sad, from smile to tears, all in a matter of seconds. 
I read an article online on why love can turn to hate. If I believe everything it says, I may have discovered something not very flattering about myself: could be that I am a narcissist.  Quod erat demonstrandum.

I was recently told that my last relationshit seems to have destroyed my emotional life for good. Well, it would appear so at a first glance, but I see it as a character improvement. 
    And I have the KID to save me from...myself. Seems unbelievable, but this 23 year old guy full of...himself and neurons made it to the new year with me. 
 well done, my love


  1. You still need to watch out for the Zombie Apocalypse!

  2. You have great things going on at the start of the year. Wish you all the best this 2014! :)

    REAlity Bites

    1. thank you so much, +Rea Alducente;) my best wishes for you and your family too! I really hope this year will be much better than 2013;)