January 19, 2014


      I hate Friday mornings...cause I wake up and I know that I got one more day of work until I can relax and breathe for about 2 days. Oh wait...actually no. Cause Saturdays and Sundays are same as any other day since my son wakes up early just to annoy me:) So I guess for me, weekend always starts bad. And it's like that until 6 pm when I finish work.
This Friday, however was much worse than other days.

First, I had a hard time waking up, nothing new here. I hate waking up in the morning. I think whoever invented the alarm clock must be daubed with honey and fed to the bears. I need this kind of alarm:
I like sleep. I enjoy sleeping as much as sex. Correction: I may like sleeping more now that I'm aging. And cause I haven't had a good night sleep in...5 years. Yes, you've all guessed it: since I had Kidzilla. Or maybe more, since I started having trouble sleeping while I was pregnant and weighed a tone.

Second : I'm late for work cause I can't get out of bed, obviously. Everyone looks bored, then around 11 (a.m., of course) everybody starts yawning, including me. And it's not cause my work is boring...not at all, but because it was Friday 17. 

Around 11h30 the front desk girl, a chick they all call Ms. Tanning (cause she looks as if she spent all her free time in that kind of salons) calls me to give me my baby's bag; his father, the Lord of Darkness aka Bob left it there for me. Yes, it's the COLD WAR again between us :) Among Kidzilla's things, I find some interesting toys that Santa brought him: the T-Rex and the 2 headed dragon. 

Once I get in the office with the toys, everyone is going crazy. So, I start having a little fun. So what if I'm 32? Correction: I'm in my late 20's, damn it. 

I'm warning you, this is a love story...forbidden to minors, though. 

Oh baby, oh baby, your heads turn me on...do you think anyone sees us?
I always dreamed of doing a dragon, but now it's a threesome, baby
Hey, look, the bee decided to join in
Hell, I forgot I was scared of heights
PS: I can assure you that I am a mature, responsible, working mother...when it's not Friday 17.


  1. Well, whatever you are, you are definately a funny, mature, responsible, working mother. With enough fantasy to be awesome! :D

    1. Thank you so much, +simone smink:) In reality, I 'm worse:) liked your blog by the way;)

  2. Haha, this I was not expecting. You might need a hobby, Lexy :D