February 10, 2014

Save me from the Valentines

   It's been quite a while since I last wrote and I'm sorry for that. Make no mistake, I'm not apologizing to you, but to myself :) I feel the need to write every day, but I can't afford to be a full time writer...yet. I must fight for the time when I can fully dedicate myself to this absolute joy that is writing. 

    The big piece of news now is that I'm house hunting. And, my God, if it isn't the most stressful, frustrating, time consuming activity ever! I haven't seen too many, only 2-3/day, but still. And it's only been a week or so...
     The houses are too far, too expensive, too small, too big, small garden, no garden, too many bedrooms ,1 bathroom, too many bathrooms, 1 bedroom and so on. I've only raised my budget 3 times. Started out with an amount, then went higher, then went even higher. But what the hell, I'm only gonna pay for the house for about 30 years, so I really need to choose wisely. And most important, I want a house that I'll enjoy living in. Is that too much to ask?
 I spotted one that is really close to mine.
Ok, not this one...
Wouldn't that be funny? to move just around the corner from the old house.

    The other piece of news is that I got a car.
Ok, not this one...
And still no driving license. I must be the only one in the neighborhood to own a car without a driving license. But I have the KID for that. At least for now...Luckily he ain't mad at me for not driving...yet. I hope to get it once I finish everything with the house. I actually hope to get it before my son does. He's only 5, you know.

   One more thing on the agenda, ladies and gentlemen is jealousy. 
What the hell? Whoever said jealousy was good for a relationship was talking shit or was driving their partner crazy. So he or she needed an excuse to defend when his/her partner would put a gun to their head:
"Honey, I'm just being like that cause I love you so much. This is why I check your phone and emails every day. This is why I follow you to work and that's also the reason why I can't stand anyone looking at you. It's this crazy love that I feel for you." 
this is me now...

       I'm just kidding :) I'm sure it's much worse sometimes.
But let's be honest...I've been there, done that for a short, really short while and it turned out to be very bad ...for me. 
   We can only live and make others happy when we're given the freedom that we need. Cause what the other doesn't know or fails to remember, is that, once we are let to do the things we so longed for, we sometimes realize we don't need them anymore. 
If you think you'll make your partner love you or want you more by making a scene every time they talk or look at someone, you are so wrong. All you'll get is the opposite. Trust me, I know what I'm saying.
  But enough about jealousy..Who needs it anyway? We'll develop this another time, when my rabbit is not trying to make an Alcatraz escape from his new cage.

Last but not the least annoying on the list is the upcoming Valentine bullshit day, as I like to call it. 
 Ok, I must be one of the few bloggers who don't like this day or better yet, who completely dislike this day (to be on a positive note). 
Reasons? Well...

  can't see why we need one more thing to remind us that we're in a relationship and that we have to pay attention to the other - we already have someone who nags us about paying attention to him/her and it happens every day: it's our partner

we'll look bad if we hate the day, but our partner likes it. So we'll have to do that thing we all hate: compromise, and fake some smiles and joy while we think of a million ways to punish the idiot who invented this 

  we have to buy expensive gifts ...whatever happened to the good old I LOVE YOU card? or LEAVE ME ALONE TODAY OR I'LL SCREAM, BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN I DON'T LOVE YOU card? 

we have the obligation and duty to have sex - cause the damn day says so. It's the day we celebrate love and sex! So, on this day, the whole planet is having sex, so once again, we'll look bad if we don't do it!

we can't be upset on Valentine's day! No matter what! So, if our partner drives us crazy and all we want is to just break up, we can't do it. Unless we're complete jerks, right? 
Is that enough or are you thirsty for more?

Enjoy your day, all you lovers out there and maybe I'll escape mine :)


  1. Haha this post was so funny, I really enjoyed reading it :)
    I just wrote a post about comebacks, with my intro talking about Valentine's Day. I completely agree with all the points you made, and whilst I know I'm paying waaaayyyy too much, I guess I'm a bit of a sheep and love a good old tacky Valentines day :)
    I'm incredibly jealous that you have a car without the license- i'm the other way around... can't we swap? xD
    good luck with the house hunting!


    1. thank you so much, Sammie:) really glad you liked it. and I'd trade my car for your license any day;)
      ps: I found my house;) hope the owner doesn't change his mind. Enjoy 2morrow;)