December 20, 2016

12 days of blogging 8

     Why do we

Believe in others rather than ourselves.

Believe in stories and fairy tales.

Believe in lies rather than the truth.

     Why do we make our children

 We do teach them to believe in
and follow them, but at the same time we tell them about a fat man, with a long white beard, dressed in red, who, somehow reaches all the children of the world in one night and comes down the chimney carrying gifts.

 Do you ever wonder if it's a choice for them? Do they CHOOSE to believe in

Are we still children with the choice to believe that, at some point, we will have that magic in our lives? 

     That we're entitled to it?

That we deserve it?

Look at us, all grown up, choosing to believe that, around Christmas, magic and miracles can and will happen.

 And you? What do you

Will it ever come true?

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