December 19, 2016

12 days of blogging Christmas...Day 7

I will start by saying

 to my friend Sheila Bliss , who took a little of that precious thing called time to put her thoughts about Christmas on paper (what? it's still paper to me) and share it with us.

  You can read it here :

     Despite everything, the internet is a wonderful thing, wouldn't you agree?
     It allowed a complete stranger to put a big smile on another stranger's face with words and thus, we are no longer strangers.
     We've become two people connected by a positive thought.
     Isn't it simple? 
         Why do we always choose to complicate everything? 

   While you search for the answer to that, today there was KIDZILLA's school Christmas play
   Unlike the previous years, everything lasted 45 minutes and I didn't have to see all the other classes before him. 
        Thank God and Big Bang for that! 
   Cause, with all due respect for those who have small small, you haven't known pain until you've seen kindergarten kids sing.

     that's how bad it was for me..I'm sorry.

Call me a bad mom, but, besides the pleasure of seeing my own kid singing or at least pretending to and taking a million pics that I'll probably look at when he's 25, the entire thing is pure torture for parents.
   And for those of you who say: "nooo, it's the cutest thing ever" me, you're in denial.

      Once the singing and dancing was over - and it was quite nice, to be honest - we moved to the gym to buy the stuff (Christmas decorations and other things that needed explaining) our children had crafted. 
       I stopped at two cause I was out of cash (What?? I was).

Loads of homemade cookies from mothers who are more devoted to this than I am. 
       I know that, at some point, I will have to be that kind of Stepford mom, right? At least once in my kid's life. 
  And speaking of Kidzilla, here's one of his favorite Christmas carols that I've had on repeat these days:

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