December 16, 2016

12 days of blogging 4


"Chilling at home, with my family, having a fireplace near, a Christmas tree, watching a movie and eating popcorn...among other things" .

 "Home, family, Christmas Eve when the entire house smells like food...
Lots of carolers, presents, Christmas tree...
4 different types of cake...
Watching TV with the family...
Family visits when we see everybody and talk...
  But above all, the feeling of peace with everyone I care about around me" .
    "Peace and love, being with my parents, presents".

"The birth of Christ, time with family and friends, but most importantly, being grateful for the good things in my life". 

"Sadness - but silent. It is a holiday for the people living a good life.
If you are poor, all Christmas brings is more pain, because you realize you don't have everything you want or you cannot offer more to the people you care about.
A day when the absent ones you care about are missed more than usual.
A spending, purely commercial holiday".

     "A time for forgiveness, love, selflessness, that should teach us that these things should be part of our lives always, not only for one day.
  A time when giving others and making them happy should be enough gift for us.
Ah! And a time when you spend like crazy to find at least one good present for the boyfriend".

"Family,faith, warmth.
Being better and believing in miracles.
The pleasure of giving joy, above material things."

The above are the words of few people who matter in my life, Christmas in their own words.
    And you? Have you found your definition for Christmas?

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