December 14, 2016

12 days of blogging 2


 freely transfer the possession of (something) to (someone).

      Transfer the possession of something...

I know more than one person who would add things to this definition.

    I gave mySELF completely...

 I wish he/she could give me more...

I wish I were capable of giving something of mySELF to others...

If transferring possession of yourSELF to others (the right..others) is as hard as hell, then it would be correct to assume that giving little things like old clothes to people in need is easy.

  Or do you all live by : 
    No good deed goes unpunished? 

If you think I started a GOOD / NAUGHTY list, you may be right..
   Good -  if you regularly use the words I GIVE 

I'm not preaching about living a Mother Theresa kind of life, just learn to give something back, no matter how small that something is (except for things like viruses, crabs, etc)

   Naughty - if the only person in your world is YOU.

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