December 18, 2016

12 days of blogging 6

   Today I realized once more that I hate going out to buy stuff and I love online shopping.
Anything delivered to my door step is pure joy.  
 But today I had to leave the house.

 I spent at least one hour and a half waiting in line to buy a party hat and some Christmas decorations for my son's school event tomorrow.
 OH! MY! GOD! 
  Half the time was just to get to the escalator we had to take just to get to the cash registers found on the ground floor. 
  The store I went to is supposed to sell toys, but now, during the holiday period, it's filled with everything from liquid hand soap and Christmas stuff to toy cars and clothes.

If you could only see all the useless things people buy...really.
But not me...

What? It'll surely come in handy ... at some point. And it fits me well.

Of course we were there for a hat or a wig and a fake bottle of champagne for his part in the school play.
  And we got them.
But, in the Christmas spirit, we also got a very small toy police gun (I'm a bad mother) and a pair of handcuffs. 
He arrested me twice already this evening. I have no idea what my crimes were.
 Christmas is really tiring, I tell you and I'm not that young anymore.
A couple of hours spent wandering the crowded store and at least another 90 minutes  just standing in line with eagle eyes to make sure I don't lose KIDZILLA were enough for me to no longer feel my knees right now and crawl to my bed as if I had worked out the whole day.

  Happy shopping everyone, if you're in a better shape than I am

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