April 6, 2013

the Love Remover - part 3

   Why the hell isn't this over yet? For some reason, just out of nowhere (well, you'll see it's not quite out of nowhere), I'm back to a shitty state of mind. Must be because of my mother! Since the breakup, she has developed a talent of making me talk about HIM. 
     Sometimes she makes me think of someone who's just trying to get some dirty inside info from me (like a tabloid) just so she could then have a subject to discuss with the people she knows :) I know! I am reaaaaally being a bad daughter, but come on! It's bad enough that I'm unstable (well, that's what most psychiatrists would say, I'm sure), but do I really need to be constantly reminded that HE is no longer here? 

    Take my advice: whatever you do, do NOT bring your parents into your life more than necessary when you suffer after a breakup. Trust me, this is an FGI: FAKE GOOD IDEA!

       and then there' s my father, who cannot...I repeat: CANNOT stop talking about HIM as if HE were the only person who could do anything around here: "HE knows how to copy my pictures on a CD, you don't, right?" or "I'll drink whisky and cola, this is what HE liked, right?". OH! MY! GOD! I thought I was the one who had a hard time letting go, now I think I have to provide psychological counselling to my parents.

  Ever since my mother and father came to stay with me and help after my surgery, I have one more issue: my 4 year old son is exposed to my father's bad language. Thank God (or better yet, Thank ME), my baby is the greatest (don't all mothers say the same?) and he warns my father everytime the old man breaks the law, so to speak...the law of NO BAD WORDS (at least until he turns..I don't know...7?)

   When you suddenly become a single parent, you realize how hard it actually is when you come accross situations when you need your + 1. In my case, the most recent - APPENDIX AND HOSPITAL. And the pain and memories come back, but maybe not for long, thanks to the "good" doctor I met and who's been feeding my imagination lately, especially during nights (he'll be lucky number...well, let's keep that a secret, shall we? a lady never tells). So let's have some coffee and go to sleep.

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