January 9, 2015

Gotta love dogs and trees

    Day 5 of the rest of the 6 months

Since the temperatures are waaaay below 0, my dogs have decided not to leave the house...except for extreme necessities. But who could blame them? Look outside 
My yard and my little Kidzilla
Even though one of them couldn't hold it in and raised his leg against my Christmas tree that I still haven't taken down.
What can I say? I love my tree and I think it'll stick around for at least a month or so..

The legos are KIDZILLA's touch ;-)

    Anyhow..talking about the dogs, the lady, Lucky that is, has become unusually affectionate and loving and ..she's a little leech, actually.
She is just another needy chick.
But you gotta love dogs and my little Lucky is coming from the streets. But look at her now; a dog's life, hein?

PS: 3 posts in 3 days must be my personal record. This is something new for me this year...


  1. love the photos.....I could get used to this 3 blog entries in 3 days! xx

    1. you do??? you make me so happy with your comments, you Goddess! :-* Next week I'll be back to work, so I think I'm gonna slow down a little with the blogging ;-P Less is more, right? :-))