January 8, 2015

Let's get some sleep

    Night 4 - INSOMNIA rules! Or...NOT! 

The thing I like most, besides coffee and sex is SLEEP. Yes, I am pretty sure I like SLEEPING more than the other 2. 
Lack of SLEEP makes me not a very nice person.
Therefore, if you read all the above you will realize that I am not a very nice person right now. 

    It is almost 4 am where I am; I should be up in about 3 hours to get my son to school. 
Once I do this, I will have about 8 hours to get some sleep in my not very clean house, with my two very dirty dogs that have been staying in most of the time due to the fact that it is 15 degrees below 0 outside.
   In my defense, I'd like to say that the house is partially clean and that is because each day I vacuum some parts of it. The KID would be proud ...or NOT! 
Cause he is like a cleaning military... something. 
Yeap, my rebellion, now that he's gone is doing the dishes once in a while and vacuuming some parts of the house.
The important thing is that KIDZILLA's room is clean ...maybe a bit dusty, but I'll solve this tomorrow ...today actually considering the hour.

    So...what to do...what to do? I could watch some adult movies just to see what all the fuss is about, but instead I choose something even more exciting: a game called MINION RUSH. 
Google image
Wow! Am I a wild one or what? 
It's a game for kids, you'll say! Ha! Just try it and we'll see how smart you are :-)
Let me tell you something about this game: it is THE most annoying ever! At least for me.
    My son got me to level 5 and in 2 hours I was absolutely incapable of going past it.
What I was supposed to do was to increase my despicable multiplier one time in a run...whatever that means and collect some bananas on the way.
  So my little minion is running trying to avoid some things that get into his way. And that's not easy!
Each time I think I'm there, I hit a rolling bomb 

or my little minion gets electrocuted 

or falls from really really high cause I wasn't fast enough to make him jump over the ...thing.
     I try and I try and I try again...nothing. The phone battery dies and saves me from throwing the phone out the window..at 15 below 0.

      Now...talking about mature things, I do have one question: do your kids eat things that only a pregnant woman would? 
Mine asked me for a sandwich made up of bread, obviously, butter, strawberry jam...nothing really out of the ordinary so far, but wait: he wanted cheese on top of these two. 
Not to mention his raw cucumber and ketchup. But I guess kids will eat ketchup with just about anything, right? 
Will update you on the minions if INSOMNIA continues...and I'm not talking about the song. Hey...that's a good idea!
Google image


  1. I sucked at this game I deleted it on my phone. Haha.
    Well, you know they say creative people are night owls. So I guess insomnia is a good indication after all (said one insomniac to another.)

    1. Oh my God, it's driving me crazy, therefore I left it to my son :-) and your comment about insomnia ...I'll take that as a compliment; never saw myself as a very creative person, so the writing is quite surprising :-)

  2. I have so many insomnia nights at a row that it is insane. My mind wanders off to a never ending journey and I keep on hopping from one thought to another. I hope you get a nice beauty sleep soon! :)

    1. "beauty sleep" will come once I start work again, ,I'm sure ;-) and maybe you should put those thoughts in writing to see what comes out if it