December 10, 2014

Ho Ho Ho

"All good relationships are boring, all the exciting relationships are the bad ones." _ Chris Rock

 If it's like that, then I must be in the most exciting relationship ever. Or, if I were to pay attention to tonight's (or this month's)...special events (to say the least), I used to be in the most exciting relationship ever. I don't know...Looooooong story...

    What is a good relationship defined by anyway?








All the above? 
   Jeeeeeez...instead of preparing (psychologically) for Christmas, I sit here and bitch about something I know nothing about.

OK, now let's get to the juicy someone liked to say:

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Kidzilla and I were in the hospital for 2 days cause my adorable little monster decided it was the time of the year when pneumonia was trendy...
 Following this "wonderful" experience, there were two weeks of house imprisonment with the one and only Kidzilla.
   He wasn't allowed to leave the house and so, neither was I. Had to work from home cause my nanny stood me up. Realized this was my dream job...until my kid ruined it for me.  
Listen here: you cannot work from home if you have kids in the house.  At least I couldn't. 

     My kid loves to talk and, since mom was home with him, he felt the constant need to communicate. Despite my efforts to explain that mom had to work until 6 and the numerous activities I tried to involve him in, he would come talk to me every 5 minutes just about anything.
  "Mama, do you think Superman is faster than Spiderman?"
5 minutes later...
 "Mama do you know the names of the characters from Lego Chima? No? Would you like to? "
Another 5 minutes later... 
 "Mama do you like how I colored the letters here?"
6 minutes later...
"Mama, I'm thirsty".
   It's quite adorable now that I think of it, but at the time, I just wanted to send him to his room and lock him there, if I had any doors. As if work wasn't stressful enough...

With all the craziness around, I almost didn't realize my favorite holiday was coming...This will be my very first Christmas in the house that is eating more money than a slot-machine. 

   And unlike other Christmases, this year I will do something really..."special": work. From home, of course, but this time, in the company of my other KID...the bearded 20 something. 
    Haven't started Christmas shopping yet... but I started decorating. Some Christmas lights here, some tinsel there ...My son's room however looks like Amsterdam's Red Light District. This is how he wanted.

   Haven't got a tree yet, cause a few years ago, I bought the tree too early and just before Christmas, it was already gone...dead. So I had to buy another one. Killed 2 trees in one season. Greenpeace surely has me on a black list or something.

    Besides working  (Jesus Christ will surely get me one day...again), another first on this Christmas is the fact that I will have to share my child with...the dark side. His father, that is. 
    One of the tragedies in a life of a separated couple: sharing their child. And it's even worse when it comes to holidays. This year Christmas is on me. 
    I was thinking the other day that I couldn't wait for him to be old enough to decide what to do on holidays.  Hopefully he will choose spending time with friends and stand us up.  
Ok, that's lie. I secretly hope he will choose me. Good old mom...Maybe I'll play the I TOOK CARE OF YOU WHEN YOU WERE SICK, I CARRIED YOU FOR 9 MONTHS card..
    But this is life right? Or do we tell ourselves that to go through tough situations more easily? We'll live and see...

   Just 15 days til Christmas ...Countdown has begun...


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