December 27, 2014

Christmas a la Grinch?

              Christmas is near! Christmas is near!!
                       CHRISTMAS IS HERE!!!!
              Oh damn! Christmas is gone already :-(

                     What makes this holiday so great?
                                       Yes, the presents... 

                             Or the hope of getting them. 

    The infinite hope...He who has never hoped can never despair _Bernard Shaw

                                 The pleasure of giving...

google image

or the pleasure of seeing others give stuff... to you.

       The joy we see in others when we don't feel the same...

Or the joy we would like to crush in others when we don't feel the same

                The hope of being with our loved ones...

or being away from everyone
    The hope of having our families with us 
     and not kill each other...

                                               The tree...
                    That we bring into our homes...
only to throw it to the garbage few days later. That of course, unless we burn it or have pets...or both

                                       The light everywhere...
                                             Ooohh God!
                                          The culinary feast...

A ticket to a one night stay in the hospital

     The money we spend...or wish we had so we could spend...
  on presents for people we like or love and even
 people for which we're forced to buy something...ah! the eternal obligations 

                                     The Christmas movies...
If you live in the same country I do, you probably know the TV guide by heart since it's been the same for the last 5 or 6 years.
 The days spent away from work... Aaaahhhh total relaxation!
google image least for some, cause I was on duty. It was Bob's turn to have Kidzilla over for Christmas, so working from home this year didn't sound like such a bad idea.

   It did sound bad to my parents who acted as if they were visiting me in jail. They wanted to eat and leave the "crime scene" as soon as possible.

They did stay a while longer in the end. Why?
Since last year Bob kicked the KID out so he could come see the baby on Christmas day, this year I asked him to sort of return the favor - he brought Kidzilla over for a couple of hours so he would open the presents Santa left in mom's house.
      Lots of food and wine later (talking about me), both Kidzilla and my parents left, so it was just me and the KID. What to do...what to do...Playing doctor got us busy for a while ;-) 

    Later it was torture time for the KID cause I had him seeing some of my ...comfort movies. If you don't know what those are, this will give you some ideas. We finished the night with everyone's all time Christmas favorite: 

google image

                                 Happy holidays everyone!



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