December 11, 2014


           As crazy as it seemed, he had left her. 
He had left her alone. Alone in that house that she had dreamed to build for them.
      Yes! Finally! He had finally got rid of the monster that showed no least not the emotions he wanted or needed.

   He had been thinking about doing it so many times...He had tried so many times because he felt she didn't deserve his love. Each attempt had been ruined by one of them. Cause there was always one who convinced the other that their story wasn't finished yet. That there was much more love then met the eye.
But now he had done it.

He felt so proud. He felt he deserved a medal. He felt strong. He felt...nothing.

He knew she would try to call him, text him, beg him to come back, shed tears for him. 
But none of that mattered because HE felt he was right. 

was the victim.

was the one who wasn't loved enough.

was the one who had nothing.

 was the one who was always left aside.

was the one who made sacrifices.

was the one who constantly showed love.

was the one who had suffered from injustice.

 was always the one who loved more.

was the one who loved first.

He had always played these games ..these games that he loved so much. 
And she was always stupid and naive enough to believe them. And each time she fell for all the things he said.
Each time she believed he was right. 
She believed that she did not deserve his love.
She believed she would lose him.
And the thought of that was becoming more and more alive, more and more real. But still...she was fighting.
She was fighting for ...herself. 
She was fighting for...him.
She was fighting for that love: the love that doesn't require changes, but compromises. 
She was fighting to be loved just the way she was. And she would love back the same.
Cause she believed that true love doesn't ask you to change or alter who you are. 

was right.

- NO! I will not answer the phone! I will not fall for her lame excuses! I will not believe anything she says. I am right to walk away. I did everything and she did nothing.
   But he wanted to answer. He wanted to hear her voice. He wanted to be in her arms, feeling the warmth of her body, of her kiss, of her love. That was all he ever wanted. But he couldn't give in. He had gone so far. He would ruin everything if he answered that phone.
  She was starring at the phone waiting for something...a sign that he wanted to be there with her 

..that he wanted to be
She promised herself that she would try until midnight. She would try. 
She was startled at every car that passed by cause she thought it was him. 
She was dreaming about that: that she would go to sleep and he would come back...during the night. Because he loved her that much. Because she wanted him in her life that much. 
Because they could be great together.

Goodbye my lover, she said to herself hoping...


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