July 18, 2013

Cinderella and Prince Arrogant

       Once upon a time there was a girl..will call her Cinderella, who was living the perfect life. Or at least this is what it looked like for everyone. Cinderella believed in nothing that was happening to her and had trust issues. So one day and few years later,Cinderella started nagging Prince Charming with all kind of shit: she was delirious about Prince Charming's new assistant at the Castle, let's call her Mimi. 
        Mimi looked like a model and had a walk that drove all men crazy. So, crazy insecure Cinderella was thinking that Prince Charming would like to bang Mimi or other girls like her. Cinderella started fights with Prince Charming every single evening when he came home from work for just about anything. She turned into an aggressive bitch who did nothing but obsess about her weight and the girls that surrounded Prince Charming. 
      One day he threatened to leave her for one of those girls if she would keep on being so stressed out. Few days later, he left the castle and found himself a blonde uncurvy illiterate peasant who never asked any questions and fed Prince Charming's need for simple and uncomplicated things. 
    Cinderella was devastated and would spend her time crying and cleaning the Castle (cleaning had not been one of her daily activities before). She had made a promise to herself to never let any man hurt her again and cry her eyes out until the moment she died. Until one day, Prince Arrogant arrived in town from far far away and swept Cinderella off her feet by satisfying all her sexual needs. Prince Arrogant was much younger than Cinderella and had been kicked out of his kingdom for having slept with his cousin's wife. 
    All Cinderella wanted and needed was the prince's youth and interest in sex. All went well until the two started to need each other's air and heart beats; none of them was ready for anything more, none of them wanted to give more. But still...Prince Arrogant was jealous and wanted Cinderella's undivided attention and time. Cinderella loved the attention she was given, but...
Moral of the story: no matter what we do, we are bound to FEEL and feelings will ruin a good thing for good

 Six months after the event that changed my life and view of the word LOVE, I am now at a stage where sex seems to be the answer to anything. It's not like it wasn't before too, but now it brings self knowledge and interest in others. It might sound strange, but this is what two months of continuous sex will do to a (normal) person: talk shit. 
  Now when I'm 31 I am discovering the reason why they say that us women are at the peak of our sexual behaviour: we all have a twenty something guy that does all the work. 
   I used to think that I was a pretty conservative person; having a relationship with the boss seemed to be too low for me, being with someone who was older than me seemed impossible let alone being with someone younger. Now I can honestly say: been there, done that. 
  Who tells us what's right or wrong? Who decides what's moral or immoral? Now I find myself in a situation that is not normal, by my old standards. I do not know how to define it, nor do I want to. Maybe I would be surprised by the real definition. What I know is that this is the most mature thing that I have lived in the last 9 years. 
  I have lived with someone who had been trying to change me his whole life (hello Bob) and look where that brought us: he left me for the blonde uncurvy illiterate peasant; and now I let change into my life as naturally as possible. I still haven't got my driving license, so I guess there is no hope for me and Bob ever. Well, I can live with that. I can live better. 

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