November 26, 2013


So, here it is: the moment of truth! my first official blog review
Ok, I'll probably upset my friends, but come on guys...what do you know about writing blogs? Yes, this is me being mean.
     Trust me, you wouldn't want to know what was my opinion about blogging before. Ok, I'll tell you cause I'm bad at keeping secrets anyway. I mean, I'm writing about my life, for..something's sake. Well, I thought it was just a way for people who had too much time on their hands to just babble about anything on the internet. 
   Something like: 
       'Dear diary, I'm so desperate cause today Tommy didn't look at me while I was waving from the other side of the campus. I'm starting to think he doesn't love me. What am I gonna do?' ...but on the internet. So that thousands of people would come across that in some unfortunate moment in their lives.

Going back to the review...two very nice girls ( I said 'girls' by their name, but with the internet today, you never know...I'm just kidding...really, I'm kidding!) took the time to review my blog...or, as Joy said, I was brave enough to let them do it (or maybe I had too much to drink that evening when I submitted the blog...kidding again..I know, it's a bad habit, I'm under treatment and I admit not taking my medicine regularly).
    The result, of the review, that is, was...unexpected to say the least. In a good way. Cause I usually don't take criticism very well, no matter good or bad. For me there's no such thing as constructive feedback. No, in my world it's called BAD feedback :)
    For a girl like me, passionate about writing (and sex..well, we all have our issues) to have a good  blog review available to anyone on the internet (and we all hope Bob never discovers it...or at least for now) it's something really really great. Did I mention English was not my first language? 
    Yes, I did.

The story of this blog is simple: it was either this or never ending talks during my post surgery sick leave, with my mother about how I was going to find another man. Oh God! Cause yes, I started writing my pain after I got dumped by Kidzilla's father in January 2013 for a younger chick (26, I'm 32...already out of date). And the pain was...excruciating.
     Every day, each time my mother or father felt like talking to 'cheer' me up, I would politely excuse myself to go writing on the blog. And it was damn good I did it, cause my mother thought that telling me I was young and I had enough time to find someone else would help me get over heartbreak. I'd be just fine by myself, thank you very much! Parents!  As Al Bundy said: Can't live with them, can't shoot them :D He was talking about women, of course. God, I used to love that show!
     This way I started to cure myself: writing. Every word that I was writing felt like a bandage for my heart. Every sentence felt like a miracle medicine. 
   Until another 23 year old medicine came along. We now call him the KID

This is my far. I hope you'll enjoy the ride as much as I do and trust me: you ain't seen nothing yet! 

PS: Thank you again +Joy Hancock and +Luna Lablue for your kind help. I will improve and come back for 5


  1. I agrree 100% that writing is medicine. .. you wouldn't want to see how crazy I would be without it. :) You keep rocking it Lexy Gray!

  2. I'm glad you feel that way too about writing:) I can confess: I'm an addict now:) thank you, Luna Lablue

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