August 15, 2016

Soul, mate!

      "- You can meet your soulmate when going to buy bread.
 - Are you trying to tell me something?
  OMG!OMG!OMG! Panic! Panic! Panic!
           - I'm telling you that you're my soulmate"

     Yep, in the last  3 and a half months I've been busy becoming the KID's soulmate...again.
   I've gone from almost nothing to being his something, his someone...hoping one day he will call me HIS PERSON once more.
     I've gone from one too many break ups to a marriage wish.

    Is it still possible to fall in love with your partner again years later and feel it as if it were truly the first time? 

It is and I am the living proof.

I realized that the guy I've been torturing for the last 3 years was just the right one. 
    I mean, who could resist a man who can cook, fight, scream, show up at your door, kiss, break stuff, make love, wake up in the morning and drive you to work...and I'll stop here, otherwise he'll grow another pair.

  I guess, 3 years later I was finally ready and, lucky for me, he wanted me too. Or still...

Good thing I had my revelation before my 40's...
   Cause the other day, I saw this absolutely stupid commercial on some stupid liver medicine and it said:
       "After you're 40, you deserve the best."

 What the hell is that supposed to mean? 
            Do I not deserve the best when I'm 20? or less in my 30's?

   Ok, I may be going a little far with this, cause the guy in the commercial was just talking about some stupid medicine, but all I got was this really misogynistic message that pissed me off. PMS could be blamed for it too...

     To me - and to me only, just to make it clear, it just felt like those commercials for cleaning products that only show women in the kitchen or bathroom: "Oh, I'm so happy I got this thing to scrub the floor with during my spare time."

  You know what? I'm officially pissed at men.
I recently asked my 7 year old son: Why do you think there aren't or rarely any men in this kind of commercial?
   And his answer hit me in the face:
       "Cause girls like to work around the house."

Excuse me...

  Lately, I've heard some stories about..
       guys who don't return calls
          guys who beg for a ..."job" on first
             guys who think they can play the ...emotional card on a girl just to get something
                guys who'd do anything to get as far as possible from their girlfriends
                   guys who do nothing for their relationships to work
                       guys crying over their ex's 
and these are all stories from some of the women I know.

    For some shrinks, this could be just another day at the office.
For me,  it's material for the book...

    This is not a story about how horrible men are ..
  nor about how defenseless women are...

     This is a story about people looking for different things in different ways, at different moments, hoping that, when they decide it's time, they will still find someone to meet them halfway.



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