March 12, 2016


Perfectly imperfect...

Doesn't this sound wonderful?

      And even if the thought only lasts for a few minutes, it doesn't diminish the feeling.

This is the most disarming expression one could ever hear.
           Take my word for it.

Isn't this what we're all about? 
    The bad things we believe we are
           or the bad that we see in ourselves...
    The things we think we could never be or
    The things we so erroneously believe we're doing wrong...

that one person sees it...

We don't have to believe it, nor change it.
And why wouldn't that person be YOU?

Hey, I'm not trying to build confidence here...or maybe I am. For me...someone out there. Who knows?
All I know is that I'm really bad at this. And may be bad at a lot of other things.

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