February 28, 2016

Wind of Change

How many of you are wondering :

 should I change my

is he/she

was I wrong to be angry at my kid for that?

is this how the rest of my
is gonna be?

should I get on that train/plane and

am I too good to people? am I too naive?

is my kid paying for my mistakes? can I

am I too selfish or not selfish enough?

how long should I wait for him/her to show me that he/she cares enough to make a change?

how much do I really care what people think?

why doesn't he/she call?

can I be alone? do I really

should I have a kid now?

should I lose weight?

did I leave the stove on?

do I eat healthy enough?

should I get married?

can I tell people I like Justin Bieber?

do I have enough friends?

is Leo ever gonna get the Oscar?

 is this my

I've been going through really bizarre moods lately, with strange things happening to and around me. 
     But I've actually come to realize one thing:
           everything is a question of

So, there goes that theory called DESTINY.

  Yes, I believe it is a question of us deciding whether we stay in a situation or not...any kind of situation (except for health problems, obviously).

    I read something a while ago that changed my perspective on things a bit. 

  I put that here cause I've had many conversations with my girlfriends lately, conversations about...just about anything, where we have too many questions and very few answers. 
         Lots of opinions, but very few real answers. 

Once you make a real decision, make up your mind, your brain will do the rest. 

 Don't be fooled: I'm still practicing this decision thing. 
I may get to EXPERT level in my 40's maybe.

hey, you may not remember me...but I remember you.
I'm that chick who used to write on this blog.

What happened? 

Well...Adele said Hello in every possible way

         weight was lost and damn...I even started exercising

                 Santa Claus was generous
   people did what they do best: come and go
          someone made quite an appearance for the holidays 
                       I felt the happiest mom in the world
                                                  saw new places
                                 fell in love 
                                            found myself again

                                   gained confidence
                                              felt proud 

                                      felt the most helpless parent
to be continued...


  1. Love your blog.
    Sometimes it's healthy to ask questions... 😊😊😊 xx

    1. so so happy to see you here..thought I lost you after all this time! HAPPY BDAY BY THE WAY AND ALL THE BEST! ENJOY IT CAUSE IT AIN'T OVER YET ;-)

  2. Turning 40 has many benefits except making decisions is still hard because no matter what age you are, you're still learning valuable life lessons.

    1. and there I was thinking that I'd hit EXPERT in my 40's :-))) I'm living and learning everyday that decisions are hard and it is better to make one than none at all...