August 17, 2015

I'd be normal if it weren't for me...

Why do we complicate everything for ourselves?
Is now 
                   the new?

 I think I could use some SIMPLE in my life right now.

For example, I just complicated my writing with a few Mojitos...

     Now seriously, why do we complicate our lives?

Some of us do it consciously, others instinctively. 

Why do we choose to stay in bad relationships?
Why do we choose to stress over nothing? 
                                                 Is this really a choice?
Why do we make love so difficult?
             Why do we allow others to hurt us?
Why do we keep jobs that make us unhappy?
        Why can't I lose weight?

 Why do we always have to hide our own desires behind that word we all hate: COMPROMISE?

I only got one answer: cowardice, fear, laziness.
       Yes, I admit it: I am a bit of all the above.  
That's why I still don't have the figure I dream of.

       If you met that person you believe to be just perfect for you - even though you don't believe in that - would you go after her/him? 
Why not take the next plane/train or whatever means of transportation takes you to that person who fooled you into thinking that your crazy combined to his/hers might just be the perfect crazy?

                How many of you would risk leaving their comfort zone to go to possible rejection?

Should we live more by that saying: NO PAIN, NO GAME?
    Exactly how much pain til the real game?

Yes, sometimes (most of the time, to be honest), I would like my life to be less complicated.
   The only parts of my life that actually work are my family, and by that I mainly mean KIDZILLA and my friends - the real ones.
        For all the rest, I swear I don't know if it's me or...something else.

  I know it's gonna sound ironic what I'm about to say, but I may just be a person who is not good with relationships.
So what if I lived half of my life in relationships? Maybe that's why I'm so bad at this.

      But now...WINTER IS COMING...for everyone who dares approach me.

 Cause it's only now that I feel I have to fight for myself and for everything that I am, defend who I am, believe in who I am. 
        Even if that means being single for...a long time.
Or maybe ...who knows? 
One day I'll be on a plane to...anywhere.

    So, my dears, few Mojitos and some very nice music give this:

    No...sorry, I meant this:
       Go do that thing you were too afraid or too coward or too lazy to do! 
             Who knows? Life could change for the better!

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