June 4, 2014

Going once...going twice...

    Once upon a time there was a girl. ..blah blah blah ..then her blog got nominated for a Liebster award. 
    The girl hardly knew what that was, but curious as she knew herself, she started looking things up on the internet..thank  God!...or the Big Bang (KID, I know you like this :)) and she found something that she loved.

    Listen up blog newbies : I now consider myself baptized in the holy blogging water :)

And look what I found:

So, first things first!
I have to pass +Matt Anderson 's test :) I feel like school again...two exams in one month with teacher Matt and teacher Luna...two of my favorites!
Wish I were as..musical as you were, Matt ;)

 1 - Who are You?
I'm a girl and that's the only thing I'm gonna admit - besides the guy who calls me MOM.

2 - Are you Happy Now?
 Only Buddha is..and I'm not Buddha.

3 - Who Do You Want to Be?  
The mom who has an amazing boyfriend and a great writing career.

4 - Will You Be Ready?
 Ready should be my middle name.

5 - Where's Your Head At?
I swear to you...if another person asks me that...

6 - What is Love? 
Oh wait...I know this one :)) 

7 - Turn Down For What?
Me??? Never! 

8 - What's your Flava?
Chocolate aaaaallll the way :)

9 - Do you Believe in Magic?
Ask me that after a bottle of red Bordeaux.

10 - (is there) Life on Mars?
 Women are from Venus, men are from Mars...doooohhhh!

11- Any Advice?
Eyes on the ball.

Now...my turn!

 My nominees are:
And my test..of course...mouahahaha

1) Why do you write?
2) Do you own a pet?
3) What is it?
4) What's your worst fear?
5) Do you like Justin Timberlake?
6) What's the word to replace SEX when talking in front of children?
7) What's your favorite book?
8) Why?
9) What would you change about you if you could?
10) Do you like rain?
11) What's the song that you can't stop humming?

 Looking forward to your answers, my darlings ;)


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