May 4, 2014

Mi casa es su casa

   Oh yes, it's here, it's now, it's happening : I am owner of a house - my name is on the sale contract as sole beneficiary.
Oh wait! Actually, a week ago I started braking things in a house that is currently owned by my bank, but in 30 years (and monthly payments), the bank will be nice enough to leave it to me.
Not my real house ...:(

Finally, those 6 hours of tough negotiation have paid off and I succeeded in making the (ex) owner sign the sale contract. Come to think of it, I never would have got to signing anything if it wasn't for the KID. Or better yet, if Bob hadn't left me for the illiterate peasant. Or even better, if I hadn't allowed the KID in my life. In the end, it doesn't really matter whose "fault" that was; all that matters is that I have a house to call home with all my heart.

The feeling of overwhelming and fulfillment however lasted only for a heartbeat, cause the moment I put my name on that paper, the money started going...away.

   First there was the broker who wouldn't stop telling me to put money on the account I was about to open. But shouldn't the bank give me the money and not the other way around? Oh well...a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

  Then there's the notary who makes a 15 minute appearance and leaves with 2000 euros from me and almost 4000 from the seller. I look at this guy and I see Linda freakin' Evangelista.

Then there's the real estate agent. Man, she really worked hard for the money! I think this had to be the most difficult transaction of her life, we were her worst clients ever. She's gonna need therapy, I'm sure, but I ain't paying for it.

Ask me how I celebrated...just ask me! 
 ....aaaahhhh don't ask!

The bad side is that I had one of the usual "matches" with the KID. The good side is that I ordered 50 euros worth of sushi. ...Mmmmhhhh yummy!

       Then..the next day I got people coming over to start the renovations. 
At first I was reasonable and thought about tearing down 2 walls, but meanwhile, things have changed a bit...a bit I tore down 6 walls. What? It's still reasonable! And I need my space, damn it! 
  I know! you must be wondering how the house is still standing if the crazy woman is tearing down that many walls? The answer...the only answer is: I HAVE NO IDEA!

Next on the agenda - plumber.  Another day, another dollar. In my case, another toilet/ pipe, another dollar.

     And let's not forget the main pleasure: the grid! 
The electrician that's currently dealing with it said it was a joy - the worst shit he ever saw in his life. The guys that set it up to begin with were either high on something when they did it, or not electricians. That says it all, I think.

   Fortunately, I have someone I can count on to deal with all this: my KID. He's got the age, the knowledge, the patience, the energy, the psyche, the drive to handle everything. 

 We're only one month away from building our nest - a nest for 3 with a pool. That damn pool that I won't be using this year due to lack of finances. And NO, I'm not happy about it , I'm sulking.

 So, for now, most of the money goes on the above.
Luckily, I won't have to spend on furniture, except for the kitchen. Just like an angry wife, I'll "clean" out the house for Bob when I leave. KID thought about taking out the windows too, but hey, I'm not a monster:)

   And ending in a positive note, I am proud to say that I'm writing on a screenplay. Or I WAS,  cause, as you can see, lately writing has been at the bottom of my activity list. I even wanted to enter a script contest, but, since I only learned about it 5 days before deadline (minimum 110 pages required) and I know nothing about editing, writing, formatting a script, I thought I'd give it a go next year or maybe next script contest I find in the nearest future.

PS: lately my blog was constantly visited by someone from Russia. Don't know if it's a fan, or stalker, if it's only one person, or a whole family, but THANK YOU. In case you're a spamming robot, get the f#%$k away from here :)


  1. OH YEAH!! CONGRATS!!! I love that you have your own house!! This makes me happy, even if you can't use the pool this year!

  2. thank you so much, Luna! It means a great deal coming from you, really;) About the pool..I was thinking of putting my son's inflatable one inside the real one and throw a pool party ;)

    1. oh goodness. Please post pictures of this.

    2. I am really really thinking about it :) told my friends about the idea and they loved be continued...

    3. Now I wish I had an empty pool...wait? No I still want a real pool, but you know my apartment is too big and fancy to even think of having a pool unless it was indoors. Wait I forgot! I do have one! I call it the bathtub.

    4. I think you and I would get along juuuuuuust fine :)

    5. Me too :) I think of you as one of my friends and not just some stranger I stalk on the Internets. Feel honored...or creeped out...your choice.

    6. You know the internet is filled with crazy people :P I may be one of those :D thank you, Luna

    7. I 100% believe you to be a crazy people, but just one of the good kind ;)

    8. Good crazy...I like it;)