May 10, 2014

Anger management

      Hi, my name is Lexy Gray and, besides the numerous problems and issues I've developed lately, I have a major one : anger (management). 

I was told recently that I am easily irritable. I punched the person in the face - who's irritable??? ok, it's not that bad, I just imagined myself doing it like in an episode of Ally McBeal.
    Of course, just like any other normal person ( despite everything, I still believe I am), I started asking myself questions : is it me?
   am I letting everything get to me? 
   am I aggressive for no reason? 
   have I been repressing things that need to get out now? 
   have I punched enough people in the face? guess not ;)

   So, first thing : I admit I have a problem. I do get annoyed quite easily.

Second: I am curious about the cause. Is it something I got after Bob or something the KID passed on to me? 
   Remember the KID? The cute bearded sex machine who got me out of my misery? Well, he's a Millennial, a true representative of Generation Y. But hey, come to think of it, so am I. This could be a problem.
   If you're not familiar with the term (though I strongly doubt it), a Millennial is a person
born approximately between 1980 and 1995 (depending on the country...). 
What are their traits?

1- "Tech-Savvy: Generation Y grew up with technology and rely on it to perform their jobs better."
Well, I'm more technology (addict) than he is - first thing I do before/while peeing is check out my blog views on the smartphone, so 1 for me, 0 for him.

2 - Family-Centric: I have a baby, no husband - He wants twins and a wife. And he's only 24!  When I was 24, all I could think of was having as much fun as possible and make enough money to no longer need my parents! Oh, and sex of course ;) 1 for him, 0 for me on this one.

3 - Achievement-Oriented: yes yes! he wants everything and he wants it now! I was more of a "there's still time" kinda girl. Let's have coffee for now! 
I did achieve things, but there's always room for more, right? But hey, here's another one for him.

4- Team-Oriented: aaahhhh, not this Millennial! It takes more than 1 to make a team :)
 I, on the other hand have learned to do time. 1 for me, nada for him.

5- Attention-Craving: hell, yes! the aforementioned website says : "Generation Y craves attention in the forms of feedback and guidance." I agree on the feedback, but guidance. ...Eeeeehhhhh! He listens to nobody but himself and if I could spend 25 hours a day with him, then he'd be happy. So, let's grant him another point here.

     At the end of this, who's more Millennial? the KID, of course!

  But wait a minute, it doesn't say anything about Millennials getting on older people's nerves! Yeah, you got it! I'm the "older people"! 
    It doesn't say anything about Millennials being easily irritable or raising their voice to make themselves heard, or not letting other people speak nor listen to other people when they're convinced they're right...
   Even writing this makes me maybe, just maybe, when you live surrounded by this, you tend to become yourself easily irritable. Or you tend to raise your voice to others, not necessarily cause you want to dominate, but...just because.
I'm not saying this is good, no! kids don't try this at home!

   Believe or not, I am quite calm, for few minutes at least, when "discussing" with my better half.  When those few minutes pass, I go and break things: 
  • cans - easily breakable if they hit the floor hard enough. Peas, corn, whatever...But since I'm the one who cleans after, I kinda gave up on doing this.
  • old mugs - usually I consciously choose the ugly ones. I ran out recently, now I only have really nice ones...Damn!
  Once a few things are turned to pieces, it's all shiny, birds and flowers
and making plans with our new house that looks like this for now:
future kitchen of my dreams, now looks like Baghdad
The fact that the house looks like this could be the main reason for anger. From what I'm told, it should all end in a month..tops! but we all know what that means coming from construction least in my country...2 months of course! Eeeeerrrrr!

IMPORTANT: the braking takes place when Kidzilla is not at home. Somehow I magically turn to Tooth Fairy (or a fairy anyway) and everything works out fine.
   So, do I really have a problem? Am I really bad at anger management? I'd say, as long as I'm out of vegetable cans and ugly mugs, I'm safe. How about you?


  1. I was born in 88 and the only one I got from the list is tech-savvy, but I guess I've always been a little different.

    Speaking on the's aways taken a lot to get me upset, i think I've yelled like twice in my life , but I think as I'm getting older my patience is wearing a little thinner. Things bother me more now then they ever have. I'm sure by this rate by the time I'm 80 I'll be a grumpy old woman.

    1. hey that case, there will be two of us: grumpy old women. But for now, since you're not in your 30's yet, you have no right to say you're running out of patience, woman!:)))

  2. If I don't have patience now just imagine how bad I'm gonna be when I reach 30!

  3. They called her Bad ass Luna:))))