March 12, 2014

The pursuit of happiness

           I heard people spent their lives looking for a thing called

          I heard that was hard to find.
The luckiest of us get to taste it more than once throughout their lives and then, before they know it, they're out on the road again, asking themselves when exactly did slip away.

The less fortunate however struggle, and fight, and try, and fail, and try again, but what they get is just a peek, a glimpse of what remains a chimera. 

     I believe that, in this life, is just a carefree moment. And like all the carefree moments, they don't last much. So, we try to have as many as we possibly can. Much like orgasms, but that's another story.

There isn't such thing as long lasting . It's actually a contradictio in terminis, if you ask me. Or maybe there is, but not on this earth. 
        I can only think of two carefree moments in my life so far...I hope there will be many more to come. How about it, KID?
First, the moment I had my baby in my arms for the very first time. It only lasted a second really, cause afterwards I had a "nice" surprise all mothers get called postpartum depression.

Second: the moment the KID came over for the first time. It lasted more than a second...I actually had several carefree moments with him. We all know them and lived them at least once actually: the beginning of every new relationship, the time when we yearn for our lover's touch, when his or her lips on ours can make the world turn and make us feel there's nothing better than a kiss. 

      I started writing about this cause I actually thought about how far we'd go for our own . My idea was that we can all try and attain it by all means. And that included hurting other people.
       I thought that, in the end, hurting other people was part of the process cause, otherwise, what kind of life would we have if we lived it for others? There are people, lots, who would say that making others happy is happiness. Others would say that it's just fulfilling. 
     Can we really build a life on other people's misery? I guess we can, if we don't have a conscience. We can if we live believing that we deserve it.

    I believe that we do have the right to pursue , as Jefferson very well said it, and  the right thing would be doing this without hurting others. I know, I'm talking fairy tales now. 
    I'm not even sure if even really exists. I haven't "touched it", so I'm skeptical. But then again, I haven't touched a million dollars either. 
   Just out of curiosity I looked the word up in the dictionary and the explanation I found was really surprising to me. It's either:
a)  state of well-being and contentment 
b) a pleasurable or satisfying experience

Is it just me who thought that was a bit more than a state of well being?  Is it just me who thought that was the ABSOLUTE state of well being? When everything in our lives is just...perfection. From our children to our love life, from the tidiness in our homes to the perfectly moaned lawn, from our jobs to our friends...and so on, and so forth. But that's just me...

  So, for now, I'm staying with my carefree moments and pursue those with my child and the man in life, separately or together, either goes. Maybe I have high expectations from life just because I'm moving in a new house...


  1. I really liked this post. I think it gets into our minds that we have to have this "absolute" happiness all the time for our lives to be considered a happy life...when it's really just made up of these wonderful moments. Sometimes the bad times even make these moments better.

    1. hey +Luna LaBlue..don't tell me I did it again :) challenged your mind again:) I'm loving this. And you're right: the good and the bad, the joy and the drama make some very nice moments that are worth living for;)

  2. Andre Maurois said "the first recipe for happiness is; avoid too lengthy meditation on the past. For me, that is true. The future is unknown, yes, but dreams are built on potentially pleasant surprise. Chasing happiness can be a happy pursuit, Lexy.

    1. Hi Tim, I think this Maurois character (kidding, of course) was right and I learned that recently. And sometimes it's not the destination that matters, but the road that takes us there...

  3. I think the way you placed the word "happiness" in all of those sentences was inspired, and wish I would have thought of that. Was it difficult? You can really make a page stand out, I am sorry for your pain, but am awed by the pictorial nature.

    1. hey Tim! to be honest, the idea of highlighting the word came after last reading my post before publishing it. I saw the word so many times, that I thought I'd make others see it too ;)

    2. Well, it was a great idea! Would you mind if borrowed the "happiness" theme for a blog post? I would give you credit, of course.

    3. go ahead;) I'm so glad if that inspired you in any way:)