July 29, 2015

Looking for the summer...

      Since I'm few days away from going back to work, I'm just gonna make the most of what I got left and write as much as I can.
This and the fact that I'm back to insomnia. Well...not insomnia insomnia, but working on a different schedule: writing at night and sleeping during the day. 
I have officially become Ms. Dracula Gray, minus the blood sucking...but we'll see in a few days.
Don't worry, I'm gonna be back to normal when Kidzilla comes back from his vacation with Star Wars villain.

  Anyways, I had a friend over yesterday. She's 33 and single. Same thing that can be said about me...apparently. Never mind...
   Talking to her I realized I'm surrounded by several stories of women that are all looking for the same thing:  

Or what that song said: 

wanna be on your mind/
 stay there all the time

   Story # 1 -  30 something - married, going on separation since late 2000, in love with a guy for whom pussy is more important than committing..well..duuuhhh

    Story # 2 - 30 something - divorced on the Asian continent, hanging from her last relationship, still in love, needs to get laid otherwise we'll start calling her  Spiderwoman

Story # 3 30 something - single, dating a whole lot, now wondering if she is actually the problem in not finding THE GUY; she gets a lot of action though...

  Story # 4 - 20 something - single, mourning her few months relationship with a guy who let his dick decide for him...but isn't this what they all do? 
    Sorry guys, this is the lack of sex talking, or a good night sleep...

Story # 5 - 30 something - living a secret relationship that's giving her butterflies in her stomach even after a decade, but wondering if she'll have this teenage relationship for ever
    Story # 6 - 30 something - needs to get laid...first...and then we'll talk

  Let's face it...this is not new.  But most of us think that, by the time we're 30 or in our 30's our lives are already in order in the LOVE department. 
Or at least, those in our 30's - sorry, late late 20's - think that it should be much much easier for the 20 year olds.
  But it's not...for either of us. 

  When has love become so damn hard? Or better yet...why can't we have the whole package for life? Love, passion, friendship, lust, trust, sex, butterflies...
   It seems easier to find a unicorn these days... 

  you'll all agree this is a subject we could debate for ever, but it's quite late and Ms. Dracula will try to get some sleep.
But before that...
    Surrounded by all this and given my past romantic experiences, you might understand why being
is so much easier.

But despite this...I still obsess over this and...Barcelona, from time to time ;-)

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