June 9, 2014


        How many of you moved into a new home recently? 
Guys, if you're renting, that's great. But if you're buying a house that's not finished yet, like I did, brace yourselves!  
     Lots of people told me : you gotta be psychologically strong and completely sane if you're doing this by yourselves (referring to me and the KID)! 
What the hell does that mean??? Really ...

    Cause when I first heard that, I said to myself: what could be that bad that they need to warn me as if I was going to war? Everything seemed easy: you hire people, you buy the stuff you need, they do it and you move in. End of story. 

    Well, it would be the end of story if I constantly had someone on spot to monitor the two lazy ass mother f##&%rs I'm paying to do absolutely nothing!!!

I am really angry now as I'm writing...for several reasons:

1st - a freakin' mosquito just bit me...
hey, I gotta live too, you know...

2nd - my house is not ready
I was supposed to move in June 1st 

Now we're June 8th and the house is nowhere near being ready. But this is how we do things around here...

3rd - Bob is kicking me out next Wednesday, but one good thing, however: I won Kidzilla's bed in a fair fight :P so now he's the one buying a new one! Mouahahahahaaa....

4th - my house's not ready...Oh wait, I said that already! Oooohhh to hell with it...

5th - I may have to stay with my parents for a few days until the house is ready

Remember my parents? Same people who lived with me for a week after my appendix surgery, same people who gave me more reasons to kill myself every day.

6th - I don't know if I'm still in the right mind..but then again, who is nowadays?

7th - my relationship is on the rocks 
Both the KID and I are under a lot of stress, mainly for the same reasons, but we're one step away from killing each other just to release some pressure...

8th - my house is not ready...Yeah, whatever!

9th - I ran out of money so had to give up on lots of things I wanted to do
Everyone around me says: you'll do the rest in time, just take it slowly. You don't need everything now, just the absolute necessary stuff.
Yeah, but everything is absolutely necessary. That's just me.

10th -  I'll be broke for the next 5 years (at least), but I have a house right? 
It's like having a Jaguar but no money for gas.

        And now here's the fun part: I have two days to pack 300 square meters and put them in 130. Ain't that a challenge? 

Wish me luck, ya'all...


  1. Hey look at the bright side. You have a house to call your own now! :D
    By the way, you forgot to mention that your house isn't ready yet. I think it was implied somewhere....
    The very best of luck, Lexy :)

    1. oh yeah, one last thing: MY HOUSE IS NOT READY!:)) thank you for your comment, Mathew ;) and ..thank you! I guess I'll realize it's a great thing...eventually:)