December 28, 2013

Surviving Christmas - Lexy Gray's special

Ho-ho-ho, Santa was here! 

This year, the spirit of Christmas present had some fun with me and brought a little something for everyone in my life; and these things weren't necessarily good, with some exceptions: flu, stomachaches, migraines and lots of presents for my son, aka Kidzilla

But let's start with the most interesting piece of news in the kingdom of lying and cheating

     Ding ding dong! wedding bells for Bob and the Bitch! 

I also have a ring from him, should I take it off if he's getting married? :)))

  The crowd goes wild and the story of the lady and the tramp becomes the story of the cheating prince that drives a Porsche and the 20 something tramp that went crazy for his money and "opened her garage" for the Porsche to...come (this is what I use when talking about sex with my friends and kids are around - sorry, it's the best I could come up with).

   Yes, this story will give the hopeless singletons another reason to dream that there is someone for everyone in this crazy world ...and will make "the other women" believe that one day HE will leave his wife and they will replace the MRS. I'm having one of my bitchy moments while I write this:) Sorry, but couldn't help it..

   Bob is about to tie the knot 1 year after going behind my back and screwing the Bitch. But hey...the end justifies the means. And the end is Bob's quest for happiness and his fear of dying alone. 
 I won't lie: for a minute, I asked myself why? Why not me? Cause not long before we fell apart, Bob said that if we were to marry, he would like to do it on a beach with our son as our witness. 
    But later I found the answer to my question and the reason why I didn't seize the opportunity when Bob created it: it's NOT me, it's NOT who I am. And I guess I was preparing for something better: my growth as an individual (and much more sex thanks to the KID).  
  I do not want to offend anyone by implying that marriage would not allow personal development, but in my case, if Bob and I were to marry or still together for that matter, I would have never considered writing, buying a house by myself or even think about doing something without him. So, thank you!

  And now, back to Christmas! My real Christmas tree below :)

First one in the same house, but with a different man, aka the KID. My parents behaved themselves around him. The EX, not very happy about it. He even told me later that he missed spending Christmas with his family. Sorry, you're about to start one with the 20 something illiterate peasant, so deal with it. Too bad she can't even boil an egg, but guess it's enough she's boiling yours, dear Bob! :)
  And just to show everyone how unsatisfied he was that someone else was spending the holidays with his family, he invited himself to the house on Christmas day under the pretext of wishing to see our son open his presents. 
   I should say that I only agreed to that cause I was under the effect of lots of drugs I took for a migraine that started three days before Christmas. Later I realized that, just like any other separated parents that have a special event planning with their child, since I was the one that had KIDZILLA for the holidays, Bob shouldn't have set foot in the house. 
    But in the end all that mattered was that my baby was happy his dad was there and he had the courtesy not to stay for long. That and the fact that I warned my parents that, if they dared offer him even a glass of water, I would remind them every day about the time when he left and I didn't eat for 10 days, didn't sleep and couldn't stop crying for 3 months. Ok, I wasn't that evil, but you get the picture. 
  The fact that Bob came to the house on Christmas day meant that the KID had to leave, as usual. As he often says, this is his life with me: on the road back and forth since day 1. So, at 8 am, the KID took off, only to return 3 hours later. 
  My parents, the KID and I exchanged gifts, of course; I totally blew it with my present to the KID and my father. At least my mother liked the perfume I got her, among other little things. This is sort of a tradition in my family: lots of small gifts and sometimes, a big (read very expensive) one to compensate in case you blew it with the small ones. 

  The 26th of Dec however was really interesting: 
  • the KID got sick, must have been from something he ate, but I spent the day nursing him: stomachache, fever, shivers, he had it all. 
  • I woke up with a headache...again
  • my mother was having more or less the same thing as the KID, minus the stomachache
  • my father was constipated and
  • KIDZILLA had a cough that sounded like he was a crazy smoker and
  • the chocolate cake the KID tried to make for my family looked like this:
All in all, my first Christmas with the KID and the family is something we will definitely remember, but not necessarily with a smile. 

 I was about to say that 2013 was a horrible year, but looking back, I realize it wasn't.
Yes, it was the year when the one I loved preferred a younger chick with a driving license instead of our 8 year relationship, but it's also the year when:
- I started this blog and entered the wonderful world of writing and great people
- I met my KID
- I realized I can do things on my own
- I decided to buy a house for me and my son
- I said again

    May 2014 be even better for all!



  1. I don't like that you had to spend Christmas with your ex (that just sucks), but I'm glad that you can look bad on your year and find all of the good that is in your life :)

    1. Hi Luna! Thank you for your comment :) my first impulse was to say that my year was really really horrible, but then, for the first time, the positive surfaced and stopped me from being grumpy :) I hope you have a great year;)